About a month ago we were approached by OEL Worldwide Industries about creating a unique piece they could use not only for marketing their products, but to spread awareness about arc flash safety. I had never heard of an arc flash before, but a quick internet search rapidly dampened my vision-casting of a joyful, upbeat marketing piece. I quickly became aware of the seriousness of this issue and the many people whose lives have been dramatically affected by an arc flash. OEL’s slogan is “Our business is saving lives”. Not only is that true, but the seriousness of that statement needed to be conveyed in this piece.

My goal with any marketing piece is to infuse story into the product. I’m uninterested in shooting a bunch of product detail accompanied by droning facts. I’m interested in people, in stories, and I quickly found out about Mike. Mike has been en electrician for almost 40 years, and in 1985 he experienced an arc flash. Mike is considered one of the lucky ones, although what he experienced was traumatic, it does not come close to the electricians who are burnt beyond recognition, or worse, lose their lives. Since his incident and recovery he has dedicated his life to train others about the seriousness of arc flashes and what can be done not only to avoid an incident, but to protect yourself in case you experience one of these flashes.

*Video contains dramatic footage of actual arc flashes, may not be suitable for young viewers*
**This is the DIRECTOR’S CUT. Some shots do not meet OSHA’s electrical safety requirements**